Trusting the Body. Colour pattern making in glass inspired by Lithyalin glass formula.

The glass quality that I work to achieve is opaque or translucent glass with its surface covered with crystals and resembling polished semi-precious minerals, veined with a spectrum of dark contrasting hues. Therefore, my methodology is based on exploration of the technological potential of glass to realise my formal aims. My research in coloured glass concerns the possibility of depicting glass flow by means of the multi-coloured patterns' arrangement.


The School of Material's Work-in-progress (WIP) show gives you the chance to see into the creative process of some of the world's most exciting up and coming designers in Ceramics & Glass, Jewellery & Metal, Fashion Menswear, Fashion Womenswear and Textiles. Traditional techniques and materials are stretched to and beyond their limits with students examining the scientific exploration of new materials as well as the cross-fertilisation of existing and new technologies.

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